Handmade Cider by Denis France

There are far more ways to make craft cider than industrial cider and I love diversity.

I like to work with the fruit to get the best from it, whether it is making a single variety of 100 litres, putting together 2 varieties to create a blend of 250 litres, or putting together 20 different fruit of 4000 litres.

I believe that if you want to produce a first quality product it takes time, attention to detail and a caring hand. At Handmade Cider there are no distractions - my focus is dedicated to my fermentations and nurturing them to a standard that is acceptable to my fussy palette and hopefully yours too.

Generally I like to let wild yeast ferment my ciders; sometimes I like to use a cultivated yeast if I am after a specific result. Some ciders may be treated with an enzyme (yeast is a chain of enzymes) and chalk to aid clarification.

Some ciders have added sugar to sweeten and balance the flavours, I would prefer to use honey but that's another storyâ¦

In the 2013 pressing season as an experiment I stopped using Sulphur Dioxide in my ciders. Since then I have started using Sulfites (SO2) again, as there can be issues with the stability of ciders. As it stands, all my ciders are fermented without the use of Sulfites and my early season ciders are SO2 free, but as the year progresses I add SO2 as I see fit to keep the ciders fresh and stable. IT is a legal requirement that I state on the label if the cider contains SO2, so if it does, it willl say on the label. IF it does not say 'Contains Suphites' you can rest assured that none have been used in that particular cider.

Other than SO2, I add no artificial colours, flavours or additives to my cider.

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