Fruit trees and orchards

Currently the majority of my cider fruit comes from old, traditional standard farm orchards in Somerset. Generally fruit from old orchards produces better cider and I find that you get a far more diverse selection of fruit from them.

But if you really want to know, I am a bit of an apple tart, I will take fruit from anywhere.

As long as it is the best fruit.

And I am happy to pay a premium for the best fruit as the best fruit makes the best cider.

This autumn I will be collecting fruit in four or five old orchards in Somerset, from contract growers in Devon, Somerset, Herefordshire and Hampshire plus out of my home orchard in Wiltshire.  Every orchard, every grower offers me something that cannot be found elsewhere, a particular variety, the terroir that leads to a particularly fruity Kingston Black, low nitrogen fruit which lends its self well to my naturally sweet ciders.. I am not one to turn down an orchard because it has bad access, is too small for economic harvesting or it is too far to drive, I want to know the varieties, see the orchard, taste the apples. Then I will make a decision on whether I can use it and you will appreciate it in my cider and work out how to gain access, harvest and haul it.

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