Verjuice handmade in Wiltshire
Verjuice used to be common in the kitchen but fell from favour, to the point where there is no recorded recipe.
Made from unripe grapes in warmer climes and crab apples in Britain, it offers a mellow acidity in comparison to lemon juice or vinegar and has flavour enhancing qualities. Verjuice from crab apples can add a wonderful, fragrant appleyness.
My verjuice has been made from wild crab apples harvested from the hedgerows of Wiltshire.
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This 100% pure Verjuice, made from hand harvested Wiltshire
hedgerow crabs, can add a wonderful appleyness with sweet and sour qualities. Favoured
in the kitchen before the advent of imported Lemons, it adds an unusual yet
traditional zing to many dishes and drinks. Great with pork, fish and in Gin
& Tonic.

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Cider Vinegar

My Cider Vinegar is produced in the traditional way using the same pure juice cider I sell. It is packaged direct from the cask, unpasteurised and live. There are lots of health claims for this stuff which you can read about on the net; my favourite use is in slow cooked red cabbage. 

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